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Fans have already noticed that 2018 is a bit different thanks to the new alcohol laws coming into effect October 1. The impact of State Question 792 on local alcohol sales also impacts Campus Corner Game Day. The days of walking up to a caterer tent on Campus Corner, grabbing a low-point beer for a few bucks out of a tub and then walking around freely are, essentially, over.

On game days, fans can expect to find the main requirement of a new ABLE special event permit: the area in which alcohol will be served outside must be closed off, and no one is allowed to bring alcohol in, nor are they allowed to take alcohol out. This also applies to patrons going in and out of the restaurants, bars and retail stores on Campus Corner on the special event route. They are all considered outside the permit area, so any alcohol obtained inside that area must be consumed there, and alcohol obtained inside an establishment cannot be taken out and into the permit area.

Fans carrying or rolling a cooler full of alcoholic beverages through the Campus Corner area on their way to a tailgate need not fear. It is perfectly legal to still carry alcohol in the area, so long as they do not enter the special event.

And tailgating remains unaffected because the new law only applies to alcohol sales and purchases.

The Campus Corner Association is not trying to diminish the fun of Campus Corner Game Days, merely meeting the requirements of the new alcohol laws passed by Oklahoma voters.